European Association for Jewish Culture 



Why a European Association for Jewish Culture? 

The creation of the European Association for Jewish Culture was driven by the belief that Jewish creativity can provide a key to the Jewish future. Though European Jewry was nearly destroyed in the Shoah, Europe's Jewish culture was not extinguished. Judaism, which has for so long been a part of European civilization, is a living heritage with immense creative potential. Many of today's artists and cultural presenters want to make a distinct Jewish contribution to European cultures. 

The European Association was established following conferences, seminars and consultations with artists and professionals in the cultural sector at which the role of Jewish culture as a source of inspiration and renewal was discussed and articulated. The part culture and the arts play in representing Judaism to the wider world was considered equally important, particularly at a time when the promotion of cultural diversity is a key policy of many European institutions. 

The conclusion, after all these meetings and deliberations, was that support for Jewish cultural creativity should not be left to chance and that mechanisms must be devised to sustain and promote Jewish culture in Europe.


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