European Association for Jewish Culture




Press Releases

(1 February, 2002) - First Euro Grants Promoting Jewish Culture Announced in London and Paris; Artists and Playwrights from 12 Countries Receive Awards (downloadable in Rich Text format) 
To download the full list of grant recipients 2002, click here

(24 May, 2001) - New Association to Fund and Foster Jewish Culture in Europe (downloadable in Rich Text format)

Media Coverage

(25 May 2001) - Jewish Chronicle, 'New association to aid European Jewish culture', by Simon Rocker 

(25 May 2001) - London Jewish News,  'New European boost to Jewish arts and culture', by James Kaye 

(30 May 2001) - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA),  'Foundation created to support Jewish cultural projects in Europe', by Richard Allen Greene  

(8 June 2001) -  New York Jewish Week,  'Artists To Donors: Show Us the Money', by Daniel Belasco  

(8 June 2001) - Forverts (Yiddish Forward),  'Naye fundatsye vet shtitsn yidishe kultur in eyrope' ('New foundation supports Jewish culture in Europe)

(25 January 2002) Jewish Chronicle, 'Artistic Euro-stars get funding from New London-Paris alliance'

(27 January 2002) Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), 'New foundation gives grants', by Ruth E. Gruber

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