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Spring-Summer 2002

Introducing the grant winners

Sam Boardman-Jacobs is a writer and theatre director, who has worked on productions in Germany, Holland, Israel, Spain and the UK. He is a series contributor to radio and television. Boardman-Jacobs' most recent play. Asylum, ran at the Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre in 2001. Set in contemporary Britain, Trying to Be will explore Jewish identity via the personal journey of Max, a klezmer bandleader. It will be produced by Sgript Cymru, Contemporary Drama in Wales.

David Breuer-Weil lives in London and is a former director of Modern Art at Sotheby's. His 70-piece monumental painting series. Project, exhibited in 2001 in London met with critical acclaim. Breuer-Weil has exhibited his work in London, Cambridge, New York, Tel Aviv, and Dusseldorf. Breuer-Weil's new work, Project 2 will draw on Jewish symbolism and experience to explore life at the beginning of the 21st century. More than 30 new canvases, each approximately 2x4 metres in scale, will be included in the show, which will be exhibited at a London gallery.

Enrico Fink is a musician, singer and theatre director based in Florence. A former jazz musician, he has appeared with the Klezmer Klowns, and the Regional Orchestra of Toscana. His play, Patrilineare, premiered in 1998, and was brought out on CD under the title Lokshen. In 2000, he translated and adapted the Yiddish classic by Izik Manger, Di Megile Lider. The play, Purimshpil, was performed at the Fiesole Summer festival and the Berlin Jewish Culture Festival. His EAJC project, Yonah, is an adaptation of the book of Jonah. It will include ancient and modern melodies based . on Italian Jewish liturgical tradition.

Enrico Fink

Anita Frank trained as an art historian and dramatist. She is currently working for the Local Government of Amsterdam where she is responsible for exhibiting art in public spaces. Photography has always been her main focus of attention. Pauline Prior is a photographer whose work has been exhibited widely in the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Belgium, USA, Poland and Yugoslavia. Their joint project Beeldzuilen is a photographic study of Amsterdam Jewry for the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.

Bob Frith is the director of the Horse & Bamboo Theatre Company in Rossendale, UK, which specializes in visual theatre, using masks, puppetry and music. His play, Company of Angels: The Story of Charlotte Salomon, will employ these techniques to create a dramatic portrait of the German-Jewish artist, who produced more than 1,000 gouache paintings before she was killed in Birkenau aged 26.

Emil Fϋr is a graphic artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in literary publications and solo shows throughout Hungary. His illustrations appear in the periodical, Szombat, the Jewish anthology Katalin Pési: There are no Buterflies Here and Géza Röhrig: The Rebbeh's Featherless Parrot. He has exhibited at the International Festival of Visual Arts in Acre, Israel; the Karinthy Salon, the Association of Hungarian Painters, the Szecheny Art Colony Foundation and the Ludwig Museum, all in Budapest. His EAJC project, Flat-Footed Angel with Gefiltefish will be a series of oil paintings revealing the whimsy, irony and breadth of the Jewish experience.

Atar Hadari is a writer, poet and journalist based in London. He is currently a playwriting lecturer at Manchester University. His new play, The Jewish Piano, will be a fictional adaptation of the history of the Steinway family that will chart the transformation of Jewish life from pre-emancipation to contemporary times. It will be shown in a workshop production at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

Miranda Lopatkin is a recent graduate of Central St Martin's College of Art and Design in London. Her most recent work Transmitting Memories was shown in April 2002 at The Platform Gallery in London. Her project. Re-generations, is a video and sound exhibit exploring contemporary perceptions of the Holocaust. The work will be shown in Berlin at an exhibition organized by Meshulash, a Jewish cultural group.

Transmitting Memories by Miranda Lopatkin

Kyra Munk Matustikova is a painter and illustrator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. An art instructor at the Bratislava High School of Art, Matustikova has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions in Bratislava, as well as in Budapest, Ghent, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Tel Aviv and San Francisco. Her EAJC project, Hommage to Radnóti Miklós, will be an installation including projections and recitals of poetry commemorating the renowned Hungarian poet murdered by the Nazis. The exhibit will be shown at the At Home Gallery housed in a former synagogue in Samorin, Slovakia.

Kabbalah by Kyra Munk Matustikova

Julia Pascal is a playwright and journalist based in London. Her recent productions include The Yiddish Queen Lear (Bridewell Theatre, London) and Woman on the Moon (The Arcola Theatre). Winner of the BBC's Alfred Bradley Award, Pascal was the theatre events director for the JC Festival of Jewish Arts & Culture 2001. Her new play. East of Jerusalem, will explore the relationship between Jews, Israelis and Palestinians as played out by the intersecting lives of three families. Her project is linked to the Tricycle Theatre in London and was awarded an EAJC grant funded by Mrs Barbara Sieratzki.

Yola Polanowska and Paul Schillings live in Brussels. Yola Polanowska began her involvement in the theatre by translating The Cobblers, a play by the Polish modernist writer S.I. Witkiewicz. Paul Schillings is a theatre director, producer and filmmaker. After ten years with the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, he founded the independent theatre company Théâtre des Rivages. As an actor he appeared in Everyman, a production of Les Ballets Contemporains de la Belgique which toured across Europe. More recently, he directed short films for the Association des Jeunes Cinéastes de Bruxelles, La Minute de Silence, Love Story and Extasia. Schillings has collaborated with Polanowska on several theatre productions: Casse-Pipes, Living Room. and a comedy Boulevard Brassens, which was staged 65 times. Polanowska and Schillings' new project, Undula, is based on a character from Le Livre Idolâtre by Bruno Schulz.

Hannah Spliid is a Danish painter and stage designer. Her latest work, an exhibition of 49 oil paintings at Gallerie Werkstatt was shown in Copenhagen in 2001. Another recent project was the installation of a room, the Thinkubator at the Danish Institute of Technology. She was responsible for the set designs for Kinder, Kriege, Lustspiel, Jederman and A Tale of Treachery. Her EAJC project. My Mosaic Mosaics will draw on the life of Bezalel, the artist mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, as a vehicle to explore Jewish rituals and tradition.

Hannah Spliid's studio

Malgorzata Sporek-Czyzewska and Wojciech Szroeder are co-founders of the Sejny Theatre in Sejny, Poland and are the authors of numerous theatrical projects including Dybuk and Wijuny. They also collaborated in running educational courses for secondary school students dedicated to the multicultural heritage of Eastern Europe. In the 1980s, Sporek-Czyzewska was a member of the avant-garde theatre Gardziennice and the theatre group Arka in Poznan. She is the co-founder of Centre Borderland for Arts, Cultures, Nations in Sejny. Szroeder is the director of The Sejny Theatre Klezmer Band. Their EAJC project is a new adaptation of the classic Yiddish play, At Night in the Old Market Square by Izaak Lejbusz Peretz, incorporating contemporary literary material.

Annie Winblad Jakubowski is a graphic designer and illustrator, who lives in Stockholm. Her work has been exhibited in the Swedish National Travelling Exhibitions, the Swedish National Theatre, and the Nordiska Museet. Her recent projects include Museum of Work, an exhibition design. Her EAJC project, Gravestones at the Jewish Museum in Stockholm, will be an exhibition of new symbolic designs—adapted from traditional motifs used in'Eastern Europe and combined with recent technological innovations—to create a modern Jewish headstone aesthetic.

Annie Winblad Jakubowski

Mira ZeIechower-Aleksiun is a Polish painter whose works have been exhibited in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Jerusalem, New York, London, Rome, Berlin and Paris. Her EAJC project. Heritage: Echoes, Traces, Memories is a solo exhibition of 20 acrylic-on-canvas works exploring the loss and rediscovery of Jewish life in Poland. The venues for the exhibition include the Centre for Theatre Research and Practice in Gardziennice and the Wroclaw Synagogue Hall.

A Descendant of Jacob by Mira ZeIechower-Aleksiun

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