European Association for Jewish Culture 


2014 Grant Awards 

Visual Arts

Christian Israel (Brussels, Belgium)
Warsawarsaw : From one work to another

The artist invites the viewers on a journey through photographs, graphic and textual works , sculptures and a video. Objects such as translucent houses evocate longing for home, words appear as enigmatic forms.

Musée Juif de Belgique, Brussels: 7 March 2014 – 12 October 2014.



Alberto Modiano (Istanbul, Turkey)
Photographic portrayal of Judaism in Istanbul

Modiano’s objective is to portray disappearing ancient traditions, prayers, rituals, daily lives and holiday celebrations of Turkish Jews. His aims are to document and perpetuate their ethnic and cultural traditions through the language of photography.

Schneider Temple Art Center, Istanbul, September 2014



Performing Arts


Brigitte Lesne - Ensemble Alla Francesca (Paris, France)
King of Keroubims

The Ensemble Alla Francesca explores Jewish music from the Middle Ages from the regions of Champagne and the north of France. Their CD is produced by the Medieval Music Centre of Paris and the European Institute of Jewish Music. This recording reconstructs and promotes a lost musical tradition.




Yair Sapir (Denmark)
Savor de Ladino

Savor de Ladino performs new music from the Ladino repertoire. Savor de Ladino is the only ensemble in the world which performs exclusively new songs in Ladino while preserving the characteristic Sephardi singing and music styles. Besides working with lyrics from the Turkish and East Balkan dialects, the band also intends to work with the Western Balkan dialects that are closer to Galician and Portuguese, as well as with the Haketia dialect of Morocco.

Synagogue of Enschede (Netherland) and in Kulturhaus NIHZ at the Jewish Music Festival, October 2014 in Nordhorn, Germany.


Noemi Waysfeld (Paris, France)

This is a second album in the trilogy of songs of exile. It is inspired by the destinies of women from Portugal and East-Central Europe with songs in Portuguese, Yiddish and Polish. The music is forging links between Saudade and Yiddishkeyt traditions.

Spring 2014, 3 concerts, Café de la Danse, Paris Touring in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Canada, Israel.



Ana Gat (Budapest, Hungary)

The play explores the human heart and rhythm – in speech and in action. Written in alternating free verse and rhyme, the play is a verbal pasodoble, a ritual of simple things in extraordinary circumstances. It was inspired by García Lorca, Jorge Semprún’s Le Grand Voyage, the tale of Hansel and Gretel, Sartre’s No Exit, and Móricz’s Árvácska.

Goldsmiths University, London Department of Theatre and Performance


2015 Grant Awards 

Visual Arts

David Benforado (Athens, Greece)
In the traces of Abraham

The theme of the exhibition is Jewish life in Greece from ancient times to the present and will consist of three parts. The exhibition will include abstract paintings inspired by modal music from the Eastern Mediterranean region, watercolours and drawings inspired by etchings depicting Jewish life in Salonika during the Ottoman period, and will be accompanied by a series of concerts featuring prominent musicians.

Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens, September 2015 – January 2016.


Beata Zoltai (Budapest, Hungary)
The Papa Synagogue

A series of  paintings of the Pápa Synagogue presented in two parts and reflecting pre-war and postwar realities : reflections of memories of surviving members of the Jewish community, emptiness and silence.

Symbol Art Gallery, November-December, 2015.


Performing Arts


Jonathan Kaufman – Spontaneous Productions / Sydenham Arts Ltd (London, UK)
The Jewess of Jews Walk

The Jewess of Jews Walk is a three-act play depicting the final hours in the life of Eleanor Marx, the remarkable unionist, writer, feminist, social activist, editor, actress and daughter of Karl Marx.   Known to her family and friends as Tussy, Eleanor called herself ‘The Jewess of Jews Walk’. Tussy lived and died at 7 Jews Walk, Sydenham, London, where she had moved with her common-law husband in the optimistic hope the name of the street was a good omen. History proved otherwise.

Sydenham Arts (Summer) Festival, 4-12 July 2015.

Tamara Moore – The Yard Theatre (London, UK)
The Mikvah Project

The Mikvah Project tells a modern love story and is an exploration of the influence of community on personal identity and relationships. Composed of interactive Jewish rituals, water-inspired fun and ancient sounds, the play will transform The Yard into a holy place, with audiences becoming members of a community they may never have had contact with before.

Yard Theatre, March 2015.


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