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2012 Grant Awards 

Visual Arts

Nicola Suica (Serbia)
Belgrade's Purim
This multimedia project is inspired by a small photograph in the collection of the Jewish Museum in Belgrade. The photograph was taken in the Belgrade community hall sometime between 1936-39 during the holiday of Purim. The project consists of an audio-visual installation showing two videos. The exhibition/performance will be shown in Belgrade and on tour.

Nicola Suica's multimedia project


Zahava Seewald (Belgium)

This new work consists of 10 compositions based on existing melodies and arranged for old and contemporary instruments. Some the pieces will be interposed with Jewish poetry by Else Lasker-Shüler, Rose Ausländer, Zelda et Dalia Rabinovitsch. This innovative work combines traditional and contemporary musical language. Recording due to take place in March 2012, Sub Rosa Production.

Zahava Seewald photo


Tasos Angelopoulos (Greece)
The Golden City
The aim of this work , which incorporates narration and dialogue, is to show that the past of the Jewish community of Salonika is still present today in the city’s everyday life. Amalia Theatre, Salonika March 2012.

The Golden City production photos

Noemi Chlosser (Belgium) and Rebecca Joy Fletcher (USA)
Cabaret: the Forgotten Jewish Voice

A project centred around research, performance and workshops. It revives and celebrates the Jewish cabaret of the 1920s and 30s for today’s audiences, and especially the young. In development in April-May 2012, it will be performed in Antwerp, Arenberg, Amsterdam and Paris.

Cabaret photos

Christopher Gutmann (UK)
Fraulein Else

Adaptation and development of Arthur Schnitzler’s novella, initially called The Jewish Family, influenced by early psychoanalysis. Two staged readings followed by discussion with psychoanalysts and theatre professionals. A Mimesis Theatre production. 10 and 11 October 2012 at the Nursery Theatre, London

Fraulein Else poster


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