European Association for Jewish Culture 



2010 Grant Awards 

Visual Arts

Judah Passow, London UK
Snapshot: A portrait of Britain’s Jewish community at the start of the new century.
A photographic essay and exhibition to be shown at the Jewish Museum London.


Performing Arts


Eric Rothenstein, Bratislava, Slovakia
The Fools of Chelm
Jazz composition which connects the writings of I.B. Singer and music for a sextet and a large orchestra. A series of concerts in Slovakia.



Rebecca Nesvet, Chelthenham, UK
The Engineer of Chelm
A science fiction play informed by classical Jewish texts investigation of environmental ethics of IsaacAsimov and I.B. Singer. Premiere at the Jewish Museum London.


Tom Penn, Cambridge, UK
Numbers from Prague
will tell the story of Sir Nicholas Winton and the Kindertransport in 1938 which brought Jewish refugee children to Britain. To be produced by The Keystage Arts Company at the Junction Theatre in Cambridge and performed by young people.



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