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2002 Grant Awards 
(artist, title, medium, venue)

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Performing Arts: new works for the stage (13 grants)

András Almási-Tóth (Budapest, Hungary), 'The Golem' (musical play), Budapesti Operettszinhaz (Budapest Operetta House)

Sam Boardman-Jacobs (Cardiff, Wales), 'Trying to Be', Sgript Cymru, Contemporary Drama, Cardiff

Marc Dugowson (Paris), 'Un siècle d'industrie', (Theatre du Rond-Point), Paris

Enrico Fink, (Florence, Italy), 'Yonah' (narrative theatre with music), Le Officine Della Cultura, Arezzo, Tuscany

Bob Frith, (Rossendale, UK), 'Company of Angels: The Story of Charlotte Salomon' (masks, puppetry, music), Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Rossendale

Atar Hadari (London), 'The Jewish Piano', Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Victor Haïm (Paris), 'Le rire de David', Centre Rachi, Paris

Serge Kribus (Paris), 'Le grand retour de Boris S', Théâtre de l'Oeuvre, Paris

Julia Pascal (London), 'East of Jerusalem', a grant funded by Barbara Sieratzki, The Tricycle Theatre, London

Mario Piazza (Palermo, Italy), 'Ghetto' (ballet for 25 dancers), National Opera & Ballet, Sofia, Bulgaria and Teatro Piccolo, Milan 

Yola Polanowska and Paul Schillings (Brussels, Belgium), 'Undula', Théâtre des Rivages/Cercle Ben Gurion, Brussels 

Ari Rosenzweig, (Copenhagen, Denmark), 'Jingele o Maidele'(choreography), Dansescenen, Copenhagen, and on tour in Denmark

Malgorzata Sporek-Czyzewska and Wojciech Szroeder (Sejny, Poland), 'Night-time in the Old Market', Sejny Theatre, Centre Borderland, Pogranicze, Poland

Visual Arts: exhibitions of new work (14 grants)

Pierre Abensur (Geneva, Switzerland), 'Jews in the Arab World', Jewish Museum of Art and History in Paris

Mira Zelechower-Aleksiun (Wroclaw, Poland), 'Heritage: Echoes, Traces, Memories'(acrylic on canvas), Centre for Theatre & Practice in Gardziennice, Poland

Dan Barichasse (Paris), 'Le Déluge' (oil on canvas), Paris and Montreal, Quebec

David Breuer-Weil (London), 'Project 2' (monumental paintings), London

László Egyed (Budapest, Hungary), 'Song of Songs Today' (charcoal on paper), Budapest

Anita Frank and Pauline Prior (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 'Beeldzuilen' (photographic portrait of Amsterdam Jewry), The Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam

Emil Für (Budapest) 'Flat Footed Angel with Gefiltefish' (oil on canvas), The Jewish Museum & Archives, Budapest

Nicole Koskas (Paris), 'The Haggadah' (etchings on paper), Galerie Niesgawer, Paris

Anna Lentsch (Barcelona, Spain), 'Lieux réels, lieux mythiques' (oil on canvas), Spain

Zsuzsa Lóránt (Budapest), 'Assimilants, dissimilants' (sculpture), Budapest

Miranda Lopatkin (London), 'Re-Generations' (photography), Meshulash Group, Berlin

Kyra Munk Matustikova (Bratislava, Slovakia), 'Homage to Radnoti Miklos' (projections, paintings, installation), At Home Gallery, Samorin, Slovakia

Hannah Spliid, (Copenhagen, Denmark), 'My Mosaic Mosaics' (oil), Galerie die Werkstatt, Copenhagen

Annie Jakubowski Winblad (Stockholm, Sweden), 'Gravestones—a part of Jewish Heritage' (drawing, calligraphy), Stockholm

Jewish Periodicals: special issues & translations (6 grants) 

La Lettre Sépharade (Aix-en-Provence, France), quarterly (Jean Carasso, editor), featuring a special issue on Sephardi life in France.

Midrasz [Midrash] (Warsaw), monthly (Piotr Pazinski, editor), theme: the revival of Polish Jewish culture since 1985.

Múlt és Jövo [Past and Future] (Budapest), quarterly (Janos Kobanyai, editor), theme: Diaspora and Israeli writers on the current Middle East crisis and Jewish culture in Central Europe.

Rassegna Mensile di Israel [Jewish Monthly Review] (Rome) (Amos Luzzatto, editor), theme: the Jewish experience in post-Communist Europe, 1990-2000.

Szombat [Shabbat] (Budapest), monthly (Gabor T Szanto, editor), theme: Jews in post-Communist countries.

Udsyn [Outlook] (Bronshoj, Denmark), quarterly (Lone Spliid, editor) theme: Jewish visual art in Scandinavia.


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