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2003 Grant recipients' biographical notes 



Tugomir Bruckner

Tugomir Bruckner studied at the faculty of technical sciences at the University of Belgrade. Since 1993, he has been studying and adapting ancient Jewish art in his work. Previous exhibitions include ‘Old Jewish inscriptions’ and ‘And Said the Lord to Bezalel’. His new project ‘Old Jewish Motifs in Colour and Woodcarving’, inspired by the medieval traditions of Central Europe, will be shown at the Jewish Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria.



Frederika Smetanova

Frederika Smetanova is a musician, theatre director and comedian. She has directed numerous plays in Europe, at venues such as the Stani Opera in Prague. In 1995, she founded a new theatre company Divadlo Na Voru, based in Prague. Her new production, devised in collaboration with Michael Lazanovsky, ‘Fin du monde chez Gogo’ is set in a cabaret club in 1930s Prague and will be performed in France and Italy.



Marian Hirschorn

Marian Hirschorn grew up in Poland and emigrated to Denmark in 1972. He has had exhibitions of photographic work throughout Denmark and has also directed numerous films that have been screened by Danish Broadcasting. Among these were a documentary on the Yiddish Culture in Copenhagen at the beginning of the twentieth century, and a film about the experience of immigrant children in the same period. He has also worked on a book of the history of the Danish Jewish Community in Copenhagen. His new project ‘Excursion 68’ is a series of photographs of Polish Jewish immigrants in Denmark, which will be shown at Huset i Magstræde in Copenhagen. It follows from a documentary film he made on this subject, which was produced by the Danish Government Film Office in 1983.



Pierre Jérôme Adjedj

Pierre Jérôme Adjedj studied cinema and philosophy. In 1994, he founded the theatre company Courants d’Ere, which performed at the theatre La Piscine in Châtenay-Malabry until 1997, when it moved to Strasbourg. His most recent productions include ‘Six characters in search of an author’ by Pirandello, ‘La mélodie d’Anao’ and ‘La Chute des corps’. His new project ‘La Pitié dangereuse’, which will be performed by Courants d’Ere, is an adaptation of a novel by Stefan Zweig.


Didier Benloulou

Didier Benloulou is a photographer whose works have been acquired by museums all over the world. His new project ‘Visages de Jérusalem’ will be a kaleidescope of portraits of people who came to Israel from the Diaspora. It will be shown during the Photoespana festival in Madrid in Spring 2003.


Daniel Biro

Daniel Biro is a musician who works in Paris and London, specializing in jazz and electronic compositions. His new project ‘Black Fire on White Fire’, in collaboration with the well-known calligrapher Frank Lalou, explores the links between the Hebrew alphabet, contemporary music, choreography and ancient Jewish texts. The first performances and workshops will take place at the Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme in Paris.


France Lerner

France Lerner is a sculptor who works mainly in bronze. Collectors such as G Braun, Kugler and Holzer have acquired her works. Her new exhibition ‘La Chritta’ (Shechita) is based on the idea of the sacrifice in Judaism and will take place at the Valois Gallery in Paris.


Ada Julia Stilman

Ada Julia Stilman studied in the USA under Léon Kirchner and Oliver Messiaen, and obtained a PhD in Musical Arts from the University of Maryland. Her compositions have been performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, on Radio France and at festivals all over France. Her most recent musical production was ‘Les facettes de l’amour diamant’, a cycle of five cantatas based on the poems of Amando Nervo, Rabindrath Tagore, Pablo Neruda and WB Yeats. Her new project is an opera ‘Sous le signe du Verseau, contrepoint magique’, based on kabbalistic meditations, which will be performed at the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xénakis and recorded onto CD.



Alan Bern

Alan Bern, the musical director of Brave Old World group, is a klezmer accordionist and pianist as well as a classical and jazz pianist, composer and arranger of theatre music and director of musical productions for the stage. Currently living in Berlin, he was Musical Director of the Bremen State Theater from 1994-96, where his work included composing the score for the German adaptation of ‘Angels In America’ by Tony Kushner. He also directed the music for Joshua Sobol's acclaimed ‘Ghetto’ on prominent German stages. For over fifteen years he has specialized in the performance and arrangement of Yiddish and other East European musics, touring North America, Europe and Japan with Brave Old World, Andy Statman, The Klezmer Conservatory Band, Kapelye, the Sandglass Theater and other groups. His new composition New Music for Brave Old World’ will be recorded on a CD and performed in concert by Neues Kammersorchester in Potsdam.


Mickael Goldstrom

Mickael Goldstrom is an actor and theatre director. He trained at the Juilliard School of Acting and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. His recent work ‘The Lost Battalion: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ received three Emmy Awards. His new project ‘AdlerFantasia’ is a musical comedy about the life and work of the Yiddish actor, Jacob Adler. The premiere will take place at the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Gusztav Hàmos

Gusztav Hàmos is a filmmaker who was born in Budapest but now lives in Berlin. His films have been nominated for prizes at many film festivals including at Cannes and Munich. His new film ‘Ausser Marci’ tells the life story of the Hungarian Jew, Martin Horvath, spanning the events of the Second World War, the Communist regime in Hungary and the brutal repression of the 1956 uprising. It will be shown at the Berlin Jewish Film Festival in the Autumn of 2003.



Róbert Turán

Róbert Turán has written and produced several plays and musicals, which have been performed throughout Hungary. Among his published dramas are ‘The Birds’ Flight’, ‘Melina’, ‘Stragglers’, and ‘Pay Attention, You Liquid!’ His new project ‘Moses Beyond’ is the libretto for a two-act ballet, set at Passover in a 1944 ghetto and in ancient Egypt, where Jewish slaves are building the pharaoh’s empire. In both times the theme is of longing for freedomIt follows the recent of success of Turán’s previous ballet ‘Purim or the Casting of Fate’, which the Györ National Ballet took to London and New York. The new ballet will also be performed by the Györ National Ballet.



Carlo Hinterman

Carlo Hinterman is a film director, a musician and a composer, who has trained in Italy and the USA. He shot three short films ‘Lovers’, ‘Synagogues’ and ‘Les deux cent mille situations dramatiques’, which were presented at the Biennale dei Venezia in1999.  He has written soundtracks for a number of TV programmes and films, some of which are included in the CD ‘Sotto il sole di Roma’, Sonagli Records. He has produced and directed several films, among them the videos of Emanuel De Vincenti ‘Cecilia Metella’ and ‘Bande Cinesi’, and the documentary ‘Lu ruscio te lu mari’ realized with the Fluid Video Crew. In 2001, he co-founded with the producer Daniele Villa, Citrullo International, an Italian independent film company. His new film ‘A Little Yeshiva in Venice’ will provide a fresh look at the complex Jewish heritage of the city.


Giovanni Mancuso

In 1991, Giovanni Mancuso founded the Laboratorio Novamusica of Venice, a contemporary music ensemble which has performed in many international festivals in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon and Norway. His compositions have been broadcasted on radio in Italy, Norway, Germany and Spain. He recived commissions to write music for the Biennale Musica in Venice in 2000 and 2001, and for Gemmes et Compagnie in Paris in 2001. His new project, Alphabet Music, is inspired by a Yiddish song about a Rabbi teaching a child the Hebrew alphabet. The aim of the project is to connect music performance and its aesthetic sensibility to the Kabbalah, and will be performed in a series of concerts premiering at the Teatro Groggia in Venice.


Olek Mincer

Olek Mincer is a writer, actor and director. From 1975-1984 he was a member of the Yiddish State Theatre of Warsaw and, since then he has performed in many plays and films in Italy. He has directed six productions, including ‘Purimshpil’ at the Roman amphitheatre in Fiesole. Throughout 2000 and 2001 he directed ‘Ricevimento in Famiglia’ and ‘C’era due volte il barone’. In 1999, he published his autobiography ‘Varsavia, Viale Gerusalemme 45’His project ‘A Shed, the Demon from Tishevitz is an adaptation of Bashevis Singer’s ‘Mayse Tishevitz’ and tells the story of the last demon in Tishevitz, a small town near Lublin, who witnesses the complete destruction of Polish Jewry. The play will be staged at the MetaTeatro in Rome, and there are also plans for staging it in Turin at the festival of Polish-Jewish culture.



Charlie Citron

Charlie Citron is a painter, photographer and sculptor, who has lectured at universities around the world. His work has been exhibited in Poland, Australia, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the USA. Recent exhibitions include ‘A Memory Palace’ at the Artist Museum in Lodz, Poland, and ‘Re-Constructions’ at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, which included collections of photographs of Jewish sites in Central Europe. In 2001, he had an exhibition of photographs of GI Joe around the world at Gallery On in Poznan, Poland. His new project ‘Trans-Formations: History in the Present’ consists of scrolls and photographs tracing the Dutch Jewish Community back to its roots in Spain.


Jon Haukeland

Jon Haukeland started work as a reporter, journalist and director at the Norway National Television Company (NRK). He has made several films that have been screened on NRK, including ‘Ante-rite of passage’ in 2000 and ‘Before the bombs’ in 1999, which was also shown on Serbian television. He is one of the four founders of the film company Medieoperatørene, which has produced ten documentaries, four short films and several television programmes. His new project ‘Well Dressed, Well Spoken’ is a full-length film based on a dramatic story which uses stills, archive film, present day interviews, and graphic elements from old papers and notes.



Marek Czerniewicz

Marek Czerniewicz has composed for a chamber orchestra - winning awards at the Festival of Modern Musical Compositions for Children in Lodz -, a choir and a symphony orchestra. He also writes vocal and electro-acoustic music. Since 2002, he has worked for the Atelier Theatre in Sopot, Poland writing music for the theatre. His music for ‘Downfall’ by Biljana Srbljanović was acclaimed as the best debut in the field of theatre music in 2002. In December 2002, his music was performed at Conway Hall and the Polish Cultural Institute in London as part of Andre Ochodlo’s programme ‘My Blue’. His new project ‘Songs of the Ghetto’ comprises new music for poems and songs that were written in the Vilnius and Krakow ghettoes, which will be performed in a series of concerts by Andre Ochodlo in Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw and Gdynia.



Catalin Mitulescu

Catalin Mitulescu studied filmmaking at the UATC in Bucharest where he produced several documentaries and plays. He is the director of Left Pictures, an independent film company that works in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. Since 1996, he has produced many short films including ‘The Man of the Day’ and ‘Bucaresti-Wien ora 8.15’, selected for Cannes in 2001. His new project ‘Mikhaïl Sebastian Diary’ is inspired by the diary of a Romanian writer during the rise of fascism between 1933 and 1944.


Andrea Valean

Andrea Valean has previously worked as a journalist for MTV, and wrote her first play in 1998, ‘When I want to whistle, I whistle’, based on her research into juvenile delinquents in prison. Fascinated by the experiences of her grandfather under Nazism and Communism, she created her new play ‘The Last Tarot Game’. The play will premiere at the Odeon Theatre in Bucharest.



Alicia Ambrose and Miki Grahame

Alicia Ambrose is a music teacher and composer. Among other venues, her music has been performed at St Paul’s Cathedral, Trinity College of Music and the South Bank Centre in London. Most recently, her composition ‘Monster Munch’, written for children, was recorded live at Blackheath Concert hall in London. Miki Grahame is founder and director of Jewish a capella choir Kol Rina, established in 1996. Their new project, sponsored by the European Association for Jewish Culture, is a CD recording of 15 original songs for the choir, composed by Miki Grahame and Alicia Ambrose.


Eva Hoffman

Eva Hoffman grew up in Cracow, Poland. After emigrating to Canada in her teens, she went on to study in the United States and receive a Ph.D. in English and American literature from Harvard University. Subsequently, she worked as senior editor and writer on several sections of the New York Times, serving for a while as one of its regular literary critics. She is the author of Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language, Exit Into History: A Journey Through the New Eastern Europe, Shtetl: The History of a Small Town and an Extinguished World. Her first novel, The Secret, was published in 2001. Her work has been translated into several languages. She holds a regular appointment as Visiting Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at MIT. Her new play ‘The Ceremony’ looks at the 1941 massacre in Jedwabne, Poland and contemporary attitudes towards this event. It will be staged in a workshop production at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.


Gillian Singer

Gillian Singer’s work has been exhibited many times, most recently at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland and the glass department at Central St Martins in London. Her work formed part of the ‘Rubies and Rebels: Jewish Female Identity in Contemporary Art’ exhibition at the Barbican in London, and ‘Angels and Mechanics’, an exhibition about fertility by 40 contemporary artists at the Riverside Studios, London. Her new project ‘Contemporary Flashback’, which will be shown at the Ben-Uri gallery in London, and is about travelling and the fleeting images that are half seen while in transit.


Rachel Stott

Rachel Stott is both a performer and a composer. Her compositions have been performed at many UK venues including Wigmore Hall and the London Purcell Room and also at concerts in Japan, Switzerland and Germany. She has received commissions from BBC Radio Three, the Wellcome Trust, and the Radjovica Festival, Slovenia. She has participated in several CD recordings and concert performances with orchestras and chamber groups in the UK and Europe including London Classical Players, The Hanover Band and Coeur Simple. Her project ‘StenclMusic’ is a music theatre work based on the Yiddish poems of A.N. Stencl, which will be performed at the Swaledale Festival in Yorkshire and also in Tower Hamlets, where Stencl spent the latter part of his life.


Rhiannon Tise

Rhiannon Tise is a playwright who has written for TV, radio and the stage. Her recent credits include ‘Iona’ for the National Youth Music Theatre, ‘Night and Day’ shown on ITV and ‘The Waltzer’ for BBC Radio Four, for which she won the Richard Imison Award. In 2002, she was awarded a Scottish Arts Council Writers Bursary for her play ‘Beyond the Wire’. She is also currently working on ‘Head Stone’, a new play for the Y Touring Theatre Company. In addition, she has lectured in playwrighting at the University of Glasgow. Her new play ‘Rosalind Franklin’ explores the life of an Anglo-Jewish scientist living in Paris who was instrumental in the discovery of DNA, and the struggles she faced as a woman and a Jew in the field of science. The play will be performed by the Y Touring Theatre Company and shown internationally.



Stefan Sablic

Stefan Sablic studied at the University of Dramatic Art in Belgrade, the University of Tel Aviv, and the Reanot Institute for Jewish Music in Jerusalem. He is a pianist, singer, composer and playwright, who has had five plays staged in Belgrade. As a singer, he has researched the musical traditions of Belgrade and Skopje. His new project ‘Reviving Long Lost Traditions’ is a CD recording of contemporary compositions inspired by traditional Sephardic music of the Balkans. It will be produced by the Centre for Youth Creativity in Belgrade.


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